Extraordinary Lifestyle Entrepreneur Challenge (8 of 8)

Jim Cathcart, a best-selling author and one of the top award winning motivational speakers in the U.S., and David Bush, Extraordinary Results Coach, share simple tips to help you take your life and your business to an extraordinary level of success and significance.

In this video you will...

- Learn the secret to overcoming complacency
- Discover Self-motivation tactics to get and stay motivated to work outside your comfort zone
- Uncover why you may be doing less and working more
- Understand how to overcome the mental barriers you've created to succeed at the highest level

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Extraordinary Lifestyle Entrepreneur Challenge (5 of 8)

In week 5 of our Extraordinary Lifestyle Entrepreneur Challenge we discussed strategies of Self-Motivation and how to create the success and life your want to create. Learn how to go beyond desire and dreams to get into action!

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Extraordinary Lifestyle Entrepreneur Challenge (3 of 8)

In Week 3 of the Extraordinary Lifestyle Entrepreneur Challenge our topic was Relationship Selling. Jim Cathcart share the 8 core competencies of Relationship Selling and simple strategies to build meaning relationships with prospective clients/customers and showed us how to grow our business through quality relationship building. 

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Extraordinary Lifestyle Entrepreneur Challenge

In this video we personally invited a handful of lifestyle entrepreneurs (professional speakers, coaches, consultants, top sales executives and small business owners) to join us an upcoming, complimentary 8-Wk. Extraordinary Lifestyle Entrepreneur Challenge and encouraging them to join in so they can become extraordinary in all they do.

We want to help you create the results you desire and we're going to provide regular coaching along and helpful resources in a virtual support system designed for achievers just like you for 8 weeks for FREE to prove it to you!

In this upcoming challenge you will...

- Know where to start and how to accelerate your progress towards your goals
- Discover Self-motivation tactics to get and stay motivated
- Clarify your biggest goals into an Extraordinary Results Plan
- Learn to simplify your highest leverage activities and best ways to generate more income
- See steps to streamline your workflow to get more done in less time
- Discover Life strategies and skills to stay balanced and avoid burnout

All registered participants will receive access to a recording of the live kickoff webinar, exclusive access to our private Facebook Challenge Group (designed exclusively for lifestyle entrepreneurs) and our FREE e-book on the first Six Steps to live The Extraordinary Life.

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Space is limited to the first 100 to register and attend!

Episode 9

During this episode of The Extraordinary Life show we addressed the topic of taking action on living the extraordinary life and how to overcome procrastination in every area of your life. See more at www.TheExtraordinaryLife.com and register to join us live for our next episode @ http://bit.ly/TheExtraordinaryLifeShow

Episode 7

During Episode 7 of The Extraordinary Life show Jim Cathcart and David Bush discussing Jim's new book The Self-Motivation Handbook and answering important questions regarding motivation such as...
1. How do you motivate yourself? How do you motivate your kids? Your staff? Your spouse?
2. What happens if you don't motivate them?
3. Why is motivation important?
4. Aren’t some people just not motivated?
5. What is the difference between a motivated job builder vs a motivated business builder?

Episode 4 featuring Dr. Tony Alessandra

In this episode we interview Dr. Tony Alessandra on his best tips for assessing your skills, gifts, talents and weaknesses to thrive in living The Extraordinary Life! Dr. Tony Alessandra helps companies out-market, out-sell and out-service the competition. Dr. Alessandra earned his PhD in marketing in 1976 from Georgia State University. Tony is Founder of Assessments 24x7 LLC, a company that offers a variety of online assessments, including the DISC profile. He is also a prolific author with 30 books and over 100 audio/video programs and films. He was inducted into the NSA Speakers Hall of Fame in 1985; the “Legends of the Speaking Profession in 2009; and the Top Sales World Sales Hall of Fame in 2010.

Dr. Alessandra's contact info:

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tonyalessandra/ 
TWITTER: https://twitter.com/assessments24x7
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Assessments247
YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/TonyAlessandra
BLOG: http://assessments24x7.com/blog/